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When making your decision to build in Beaverton or anywhere, there will be many things to consider. The main thing would be learning what it will take to build a home and then finding the perfect construction company to do the work.

To give you a good sense of the components that are involved in building a home, listed below is the different types of things to expect when considering building and bringing your new home to a habitable status. You will need:

1. Grading and Site Preparation – This is the first crew in, and they will work to make sure the ground is prepared correctly to start the construction of your home.

2. Foundation then will be poured after the ground has been correctly prepared.

3. Framing will follow after the cement has dried. It will be the framers turn to build the shell of your house.

4. Window and door installation will be put in after the walls are all framed up and sturdy.

5. Roofing and Siding – these two things will be next.

6. Rough Electrical and Plumbing are the starts of the electrician and the plumber position to run the electrical wires and plumbing lines and will not be hooked up for final safety tests until the end of construction.

7. Rough HVAC – If you choose central heating and air, then the air conditioning subcontractor will begin by placing the ductwork but will not connect it to any units until the house is finished.

8. Insulation is next and is an important part to finish before the walls go up.

9. A Drywall installer and finisher will then hang the drywall and prepare it for paint after all the other work above has been correctly built and installed.

10. Flooring will be started by prepping for carpet, wood, or tile.

11. The trim will go down, leaving enough space for the type of floor to be placed under the trim.

12. The house is up, and the walls are in place and now a painter comes in to paint.

13. Final Electrical – After the paint has dried the electrician will come back and finish hooking up all the electrical outlets and do the final test

14. Counters, cabinets, sinks, and toilets will be installed at this point.

15. Final Plumbing will be hooked up to sinks and toilets.

16. Final Flooring will be put down at this time; carpet, wood, or tile.

17. Final HVAC is one of the last things to do, which includes installing and hooking your units up to the ductwork inside of your new home.

As you can see, there is a multitude of jobs that go along with building a home. However, the good news is that it will only be your responsibility to find the correct construction company that will take care of all the contracting work that is listed.

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Blue Home Construction company is based in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon and offers their services around multiple location in the state of Oregon. We are a top-rated business and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Take a few minutes and look around our website where you will find several customer testimonials along with an impressive portfolio of work they have accomplished for customers throughout Oregon.

With more than 20 years of coastal building experience, you are in good hands when it comes to quality and lasting workmanship. We pride ourselves in our work.

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