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Barn Door Track

Rustic barn doors are a great way to personalize your interior design, adding a piece of personality and rustic feel to your spaces. However, the whole process of installing one of these beautiful wooden pieces is a matter of precision, but once you get the hang of it, it comes down to simple measuring. To help you determine what you need, here’s the need-to-know information on barn door tracks and how to decide what you need from our wide range online catalog.

What size should my door be?

First off, make sure the header (above the door opening) can support the weight of the barn door. There have to be a solid headboard or a strong studs. Then measure using a tape straight across the door opening or in case of moldings measure from left outside edge of molding to the right side outside edge. Add 4-6 inches for a good measure.  When ordering your barn door hardware, measure the door’s thickness, as its width can determine if the tracks will need extra reinforcements. Be sure to order barn door pulls/handles for opening and closing your new door, as it will make it easier.

How much clearance do I need for my barn door?

It depends on which sliding door hardware kit you choose, as thicker doors will require bigger tracks, but a general rule is to measure from the header to the floor, with moldings - measure from the top edge. And keep in mind the track will be installed a few inches above the door opening. And you need to have your door 1/2" to 1" above the floor surface. This will give all the main measurements for the door clearance. 

How long should my barn door track length be?

Simply put double the door width and add 5 to 7 inches and you will get your minimum track length. Adding a few inches are needed for the stoppers and rollers placement. 

So minimum barn door track length = door width x 2 + 5 to 7"

Do I need additional hangers?

This depends on your door. If it is 4 inches thick or more, we recommend doubling the hangers to spread the door weight on the track and better support the barn door. We recommend that you research, buy and install barn door pulls that make it easier for anyone to pull the door from side to side.

Should I order pre-drilled track holes?

If you already have a solid header above the door opening, we would recommend to order pre-drilled track. However, if you are mounting straight into studs, order your track undrilled.

What length tracks do we have in stock?

We offer a wide variety for every space, with 5 to 25 feet lengths ready to be shipped (but if you need a wider track, please give us a call)

Can tracks be customized to specific spaces?

Yes. If you want a barn door in a very specific place, say a curved wall, for room or your office, we have you covered.

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Barn Door Track

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