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Form Liners

Form Liners

Form liners create intricate designs for your concrete project. Custom Rock has years of experience with well-known projects that deliver quality results for the life of your structure.

What is a form liner?

Designing a project should not have limitations. Form liners are used in the preparation of concrete designs. They make walls more attractive in neighborhoods, beaches, and parks. Create specialized designs using squares, intricate lines, and other multi-dimensional shapes.

Custom Rock liners easily enter your construction. Make a rock wall out of concrete, create stripes, or turn pieces of the wall into a unique and eye-catching design.

How extensive can a form liner be?

Form liners are bound by the limitations of concrete. Curved lines are possible as are jagged edges and other interesting patterns. Concrete is a versatile material that turns into clay with the right materials such as a liner.

You can create a work of modern art or mimic designs created from other types of material. You do not need to sacrifice the power of concrete for a less versatile material using a specialized form liner. Architects can even separate sections of their walls into different patterns.

Can I create intricate designs in my concrete wall?

Workers insert liners while your wall sits on the ground. Seamlessly combine multiple slabs to form intricate designs. Embed your logo in your wall.

Form liners are the reasons that government buildings include concrete logos and words. They are visible in work at the Flight 93 Memorial, Pentagon, Federal Reserve, and many educational institutions.

Who can provide me with a form liner for my concrete project?

Custom Rock provides liners for infrastructure projects across the company. We supplied many projects across the United States.

Our work extends from government buildings to national parks, appearing in well-known memorials. From bridges to buildings, you can find our liners in many different structures.

Adding color to my concrete project

Once you finish working with your form liner and put your wall in place, you can begin the process of coloration. This allows you to create everything from artwork to rock formations.

The possibilities are endless when combining rustic or colorful paints with a series of liners. Let an artist become a part of your project and create an eye-catching building, bridge, or other infrastructure. The possibilities are endless when you wish to turn concrete into a masterpiece.

Obtaining concrete form liners

Concrete can turn into clay in the hands of the right people with the right materials. A form liner works before the wall goes up to generate designs that everyone can enjoy. We work hard to provide you with quality liners that withstand the test of time and stress of tons of cement.

Our work is present in many artistic and architectural masterpieces. Get in touch with our experts today for more information on how we can help you incorporate concrete in your next project. Call us or visit our website where we are proud to display our customer’s work.

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