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7 Steps Of Finding A Home Contractor In Seaside Oregon 

Building a home is supposed to be an incredible achievement. The feeling after completion should be ecstatic. However, some people find pain instead of joy. Their dream quickly turned into regrets. Majority of those who go through an unwanted experience, blame a construction company.

Mistakes can occur in construction. Sometimes you are not sure what exactly you need before the project starts. You need someone to guide you through the process. Consider your idea a starting point. With a quality builder, you can improve your dreams into functional rooms and eventually a home.

Finding the right contractor is not easy. It requires several steps. The process is not fixed though; you can tweak the process as you see it fit. However, insist on a structured method that you can use to verify your processes.

1. Do an online survey

Information is essential when it comes to a new home. You need all the information about zoning, land availability, homeowner’s association restrictions, cost of materials, house functionalities, common mistakes, and even trends.

Inform yourself about other options, too. Don’t feel the pressure to build. Some people go into construction without knowing how long it takes to finish a home. Some have a picture of a perfect lawn and grown trees. That picture will not come through until after two or more years. It is possible to make it happen though, but at what cost?

During this stage, decide the core information about the house. These details include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Decide the dimensions of each room. Ask for more information if you cannot get the information online about the dimensions of corridors, mechanical rooms, and such things.

Make a rough floor plan. Let functionality guide you. Think about furniture, guests, family members, cost, and such things. Hiring a designer at this stage can save you time and money.

2. Ask for referrals and recommendations

Are there friends or family members who have constructed new homes lately? Look for them. Ask them about their experiences. Not all of them had a great experience. Listen to their advice. Experience taught them valuable lessons. Take the lessons from them.

Do a simple online search about local builders. You can also check local business listings. For every contractor, check his or her online profile. Look for the contractors who have an outstanding online reputation.

You want to give a wide variety of builders a chance to prove their worth. You can choose several contractors from referrals, recommendations, and fro the online search. Five builders are enough, but you can even do three.

3. Request quotes

You will request quotes from your pre-qualified candidates. At pre-qualification, you checked the overall reputation of the company, licenses, insurance, and qualifications of key staff. You also checked for experience in handling projects similar to yours. At the quotes stage, you will look at the devil in the details. Check what services the contractor covers.

A good quote has details about every stage of the project. It also features costs and services in detail. The cost should be reasonable. Any price that looks suspicious is definitely suspicious.

4. Shortlist candidates

Use the quotes to make a shortlist. Sometimes you will find that all contractors fall within the same figure. Some will offer one service and miss the other. Look for the contractors that provide you what you want exactly. Choose two or three. The magic number is three. You can shortlist fewer. It depends on the quality you get.

You can also repeat the process at this stage if you cannot find anyone suitable or within your budget. You can widen the pool. You can even post an advert to attract more architects. Don’t settle for mediocre; settle for class.

Local contractors are good because they care about their reputation within the locality. They also know the laws, soil type, and consequent construction demands for the foundation.

5. Conduct interviews

Why do you need an interview when you have virtually checked for everything? Interview stage is the time in this process that you can build a personal connection with the builder. You will be looking for the personality during interviews.

Connect with the contractors. Study their response to personalized details of the house. If you have any question about their previous works, this is an excellent time to ask. Don’t forget to keep the interviews short and helpful.

If you want to know about sub-contracting, builder’s discount for materials, the professional composition of key staff, or anything else that is important to the job delivery, make specific queries. Going around corners can slow down the response time.

Don’t be tempted to make an immediate confirmation. Some builders will want to put pressure on you to make a decision immediately after the interview. Even if someone wows you, don’t make a handshake deal. Take your time to evaluate all your bids.

You can consult with a friend, spouse, children, or any other trusted person. Let them give you their input.

6. Hire a contractor

You have connected with the key person in the company; you have also agreed on the cost of building; you have also agreed on the terms of service. Go ahead and make that handshake deal.

At this stage, you have to put every detail in writing. Did you agree to adjust the quote in any way? Put it in writing. Send it to the company for concurrence. Discuss project timelines and other specifics and document them.

7. Sign the contract

Once you have read the terms of the contract, you can now sign it. Remember, all contracts for new home constructions in Seaside, Oregon are binding. Read the fine print thoroughly.


New construction in Seaside, Oregon requires experience in the neighborhood. A company such as Blue Home Construction | Seaside Oregon can help you realize your dream of owning a custom home. Contact them for more information.