Project 3


Planning & Architecture

For the planning and architecture phase of Project 3, our team will focus on creating a luxurious and inviting hotel design that caters to the needs and preferences of guests while also reflecting the unique identity and branding of the establishment. We’ll begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the site, local market trends, and target demographic to inform our design approach. Our architects will then develop a concept that balances functionality, aesthetics, and guest experience, incorporating elements such as welcoming lobby spaces, efficient guest room layouts, and innovative amenities. Using advanced 3D modeling software, we’ll create detailed architectural plans and renderings to visualize the proposed design, ensuring that every aspect is carefully considered and optimized for comfort, convenience, and style.

Build Up

During the build-up phase, our construction team will bring the architectural plans to life, ensuring that the hotel is constructed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We’ll start by preparing the site and laying the foundation, followed by framing, roofing, and exterior finishing. Inside, we’ll focus on creating luxurious guest rooms, functional common areas, and inviting public spaces. Our team will work diligently to ensure that the build-up process is completed on time and within budget, while also paying close attention to detail and quality to create a hotel that exceeds expectations.
Hours Of Work
Construction Date
0 / 2015
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Furniture Selection

The furniture selection for the hotel will be carefully curated to create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere that reflects the brand identity and enhances the guest experience. We’ll focus on selecting high-quality pieces that combine style, comfort, and functionality, ensuring that every piece contributes to the overall ambiance of the hotel. From the lobby and common areas to guest rooms and suites, each furniture item will be chosen to create a cohesive and harmonious design scheme. Our designers will consider factors such as material quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal to ensure that the furniture selection enhances the overall guest experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Light & Shadow

Lighting will play a crucial role in creating ambiance, mood, and atmosphere throughout the hotel, enhancing the guest experience and highlighting architectural features and interior design elements. Our lighting designers will develop a comprehensive lighting plan that combines natural light, artificial light, and decorative lighting fixtures to create a warm, inviting, and visually appealing environment. We’ll utilize a variety of lighting techniques, such as task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting, to create layers of illumination that cater to different activities and occasions. Additionally, we’ll carefully consider the interplay between light and shadow to create depth, texture, and visual interest, further enhancing the overall aesthetic of the hotel.